Monday, July 16, 2012


God made us special.
I am always thinking that I'm really not talented...I'm only talented if someone needs me. That is not true and I'm learning that the hard way. Some people just want you to think that, so you will always be dependent upon them and then they can use you for whatever they want, for as long as they want. You cannot grow that way, so the people doing that to you obviously don't care about you. That happened to me and I should of left when I saw it happening, but I didn't. Silly of me for believing their lies, like "that" place was the only place that I could learn. The only place that I could have friends. The only place I could play on stage and have fun. The only place I could share my love of music with others that had the same love of music as me.
Because of their lies I almost lost two of the most important things inside of me...
My faith in God's Grace and my passion for music.
Music is almost like breathing to me and God's Grace is my breath.
When I can't sleep God gave me my guitar to pick up and play.
It's like He's singing a lullaby to me <3
 And when I think I've screwed everything up by letting my guard down, He shows me
that I can lean on Him instead of trusting on my own self efforts.
I finally left and I lost some friends because I did.
So I've been a little depressed lately and I think I actually wanted to be.
 But right now, writing this, I can see, I have grown more in just a few days then I have in two whole years. I'm already gaining ground, I'm winning, I'm rounding third base.
 I know the reason now.
God has had my back from the very beginning.
I just didn't know it or just didn't believe it.
He really is my BEST friend!
This is just another day where Jesus's love for me is as bright as the sun.
I guess that saying is true "the best revenge is success."
But since Jesus is in me, I'm already successful!!

I hope someone can read this and see that there is always going to be a sunrise.
No matter how alone you feel...your NOT.



My aunt started a page on facebook.
It's called "Understanding Abuse".
It gives you facts and articles about abuse and most importantly,
it gives you hope that no matter what, God is here for you.
It encourages you greatly and shows you that you are not the only one dealing with this stuff.
It may not answer every question
 but coming from a person that needed some encouragement for herself,
 it had a very unique way of looking at abuse.
My aunt wants to help anyone who needs help and she knows
that abuse should never be in your life.
So please don't hesitate, join this page and start enjoying your life.

You don't have to be the victim anymore.
Come on guys, it's not wrong to stand up for yourself.
Wow, I am so pumped writing this!
Join me and my family in getting pumped :)!/groups/371137082934945/

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