Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Movie Worth Your Time: Two Weeks Notice

My family and I watched Two Weeks Notice about five years ago and I think it's still our favorite movie ever.
 It's definitely a feel good kind of movie.
One of my first movies with Sandra Bullock in it and after this one, with her, I was hooked. I wanted to watch as many movies with her in it as I could.
 She is just that good.
The Proposal and Blindside are great as well.
Two Weeks Notice is loads of laughs
and it has a great message about using your powers for good instead of evil.
That's what I love.
Hugh Grant
He is a very good actor, and in "comedy" he can just give a look, and you crack up.
He brings a certain kind of class to every movie he's in. Even if he is the bad guy,
 you still like him and think he is...well funny.
And lets be honest, he's just too cute. The accent, the looks, 
how can you resist that?

Sandra Bullock
 On my list she is in the top ten best actresses I've ever known.
You know what she does physical comedy.
And the simple fact is that she can carry herself really well in any movie.

This dress that she is wearing here is soooooo amazing.
She looks gorgeous and it really shows off how beautiful Sandra Bullock is.

The parents...
They are so interesting and so sweet, all at the same time.
I love the way they are always there for her.

Ok I know that he is like a Millionaire but that is just too many clothes for a guy
but now for me...that wouldn't be bad ;)

The guy beside her is great and he talks soooo fast.
You just have to watch it and you will see what I mean.

It's a long story but lets just say, they were taking care of business.

Who would of ever thought that ordering Chinese food would be the perfect ending.
 I looked at the extras and saw the other ending. 
The one they picked is so much better.
Check it out!


How To: Hook a Girl Up!

How to keep the knots out of your necklaces ;)
I hate trying to find places for those long necklaces of mine.
I put all my jewelry in a drawer and it works great.
Except for when I put my necklaces in the drawer they always get tangled in there.
Right when I was about to get rid of all my long necklaces, I looked around my room and found some cute hooks and bingo the light bulb went off.

I hung the necklaces on the hooks and it is working like a charm!  Charm necklace that is! ;)


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shopping With a Twist

Check this girl's blog out.
The whole thing is about thrift shopping and how to get the most for your money. :o
That's a lot of great shopping.

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